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Women Talking about Change

Women Talking about Change is a Facebook group that I started for women to come and do girly talk.  However, I also know women today are juggling a lot more in their lives than they use to years ago.  Today they are multi-tasking by taking care of their children, the home and working jobs both online and outside jobs.  I want to introduce all of the members of the group and highlight a few of their businesses. 

Eva Thomas aka WhiteOak50 (Opened Group 2012)

I am a photographer, artist and write on a couple different sites.  I write about a wide range of topics including the Paranormal, Native American topics, cooking and about things in life.

Dawn Gagnon (Group Monitor)

Freelance writer, Interior Decorator by trade, and blogger.  I am a wife and mother of three.  My hobbies are painting, gardening, cooking, photography, and writing "how to" articles and articles on the paranormal. 

Kristy Taylor-Moon
Moon's Soap Shoppe

Moon's Soap Shoppe offers handmade all plant based soaps and body products that soothes and heals dry itchy skin.

Silver Owl Promidi

"Cute Factor Plus" a companion who will listen and not talk back. Hug-able and so sweet.  All items are handmade with love. 

Becky Long
Mama's Herbal Remedies

My mission is to help those I can & share some knowledge along the way.  I make all my own products & I am certified in both herbs and essential oils.

Annique Cree and Beck Long
The Psychic Viewpoint Online Radio

The Psychic Viewpoint will be a show whose platform will concentrate on metaphysical topics, with authors and guests who have experience in the psychic world.  We are the mystics, shamans, and ascetics of our time and we do explore the "deep mind" and "consciousness". Also there are free readings during the last hour of the show from the show advisers

Annique Cree:  Is a Reiki Master, does Animal Reiki and Theta Healer Practitioner.  She also does Visionary work and absent Healing and Readings.


  1. wowow! What an impressive group of women!

    1. Joan, you should join us. You would make a great addition to the group!!!

  2. Ditto what Joan said! Each and every one of the women listed on here are soooo creative.

    1. Aww, Thank you Correen, you are so dear and I am so happy you are part of the group. Because you too are so creative!!